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- Michael Holloway

"My priorities in life are God, Family, and Music...everything else is secondary."



Michael J. Holloway

"God, Family and Music. In that order." These are the words of highly anticipated gospel recording artist, Michael J. Holloway that describes his passions and priorities in life. The humble and talented singer, is endowed with a musical gift and a heart for people. Michael J. Holloway has a dedicated passion to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through ministry, to people from all walks of life.


Often regarded as one of the top vocalist in the Northeast Florida region, Michael J. Holloway released his first recorded single titled, "God’s Gonna Make A Way", which debuted in August 2017. During a time when faced with great trials, Michael began singing the tune that brought about encouragement and inspiration to have hope and trust in God. This single has a special relevance to his personal testimony, having lost his mother at the age of 15 and was faced with the weight of overcoming various obstacles and struggles in his life. This new single will introduce his first album project titled "This Time", which was released on March 17, 2018. This album takes the listener on a musical and spiritual journey with an aim to be thought-provoking and inspiring. Michael J. Holloway describes his music as catchy and creative with colorful imagery in the lyrical content. His songs are a reflection of his own personality as it is real, relate-able, honest and heart-felt. With a transparent approach of reaching the listener, Michael aspires to encourage and uplift people with a music style that is well-rounded and speaks from the heart.

Michael J. Holloway was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and is the only son of James and Louise Holloway. As the younger of two older sisters, Michael was molded from a very young age to walk in the purpose that God revealed to his Mother even before birth. He first discovered his voice at the age of 6, and although being very shy to sing in front of an audience, Michael gave his first performance in the 2nd grade at his school’s Black History program singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. Over the years, Michael J. Holloway grew up actively serving in the church playing the keyboard and drums, as well as leading praise and worship. There, he was exposed to a wide variety of music styles from traditional old school Gospel to Contemporary Christian music.

Throughout his musical career, Michael J. Holloway has sung in various events, shows, and with other groups. As one of the founding members of Philip Mercer and The Sound of Prophetic Worship Music Ministry,  Michael was featured as a lead singer on many of the recorded songs.  He has been affiliated with various local groups and gospel choirs in Jacksonville, Florida. Michael J. Holloway became the youngest finalist in the 2006 Gospel Music Workshop of America Competition at the age of 15 as the 2nd Runner-Up. He also won First Place of the 2011 Are You the One talent competition in Jacksonville, Florida. Following the release of his first single, he was invited to be a guest Artist in the WCGL Anniversary Concert (Jacksonville, FL), and was nominated for Male Artist of the Year for the 2019 Tampa Bay Gospel Awards. Michael J. Holloway has sung with major Gospel artists such as Lucinda Moore, Donnie McClurkin, Troy Sneed, Todd Dulaney and has opened up for John P. Kee. In the music industry he has worked with Gospel songwriter/producer Michael McDowell of Dowelland Music and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI); and with music producer/engineer Kenneth Andres of AmazeMix Media LLC. Through these affiliations, Michael would gain the experience and opportunities he needed that would springboard him to many other endeavors.    

Michael J. Holloway has set out to pursue his music career with his wife by his side, Katrina Holloway, who is also a singer and songwriter. Katrina has been a vital component of Michael’s music career, assisting with musical arrangement, artist development, background vocals, and song writing; while also serving as the Administrative Manager and Multimedia Specialist. Together they share a devotion to God, a love for music and two beautiful children. What inspires and drives Michael J. Holloway to pursue his passion is his faith in God, and his mother's last wish for him to serve God and continue to sing gospel music. It is this faith driven purpose that keeps him motivated to fulfill his destiny, while striving to be an example and inspiration to others. 

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